Simon made NLP and NLP New Code simple and beautiful, not just a bunch of jargons and techniques. During the course, there were many 'a-ha" moments, where we, a group of certified Master NLP Practitioners no less, finally saw the link between a technique and its effective usage. Simon links NLP techniques to coaching seamlessly. With his wealth of NLP knowledge, he demonstrated the use of the techniques effortlessly, often impromptu. We saw a true master at work.

Simon has a very soothing and nurturing energy, and he created a safe environment for us to explore and experiment. Often, he stretched us and accelerated our learning. He shared without reserve his knowledge and wisdom and at the same time he listened and created an open frame for discussion.

At the end of the course, professionally, Simon has enhanced my mastery of the NLP techniques and the biggest take away is I have gained much insight in my personal growth.

 Ang Ai Nee

Life Coach, NLP Mater Practitioner


 The classes were very fun, participative and practical. Every day brought new insights along with humor and laughter. The coverage of NLP fundamentals was both refreshing and deepening. The emphasis on added subtleties and artistry marks the difference between novice and master.  The New Code processes are welcomed additions to the other tools that I am using in my practice. The emphasis was on content-free coaching and the use of clean language. This eliminates content imposition, and provides a safe place for clients to quickly resolve issues which might be complex or painful to articulate. 

As an added bonus, this class was a competent space to work on our own issues. New Code techniques gets us on a first name basis with our unconscious mind, explicitly engaging our hidden potential  to exercise change.  As Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Siewfan Wong

NLP Master Practitioner and Energy Psychology Therapist


NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification has equipped me with skills that far exceeded my initial expectation in any coaching training.  NLP has helped me to understand and respect the views of other people.  I become more aware of my responses under different situations, and self-apply the NLP techniques appropriately.  12 days from busy schedule were all worthwhile.  Coaching becomes more dynamic after this NLP training.  Thanks Simon for effectively delivering the NLP techniques to us in such a way that we are able to apply them even in our daily lives.


Joanna Tham, HR Director (BOC Aviation Pte Ltd) 




“I stand amazed and in awe at how radically NLP can change and affect peoples’ lives for the better, and highly recommend this course for whoever is looking to climb the corporate ladder or for those just looking to live life more fully and successfully. The whole experience was extraordinary, and at the end of the training I knew I had been given the skills and was ready to move forward in my life with heartfelt confidence. I haven't looked back.”


Silvana Brown, British




"Simon has been the Genie of my Magic Lamp! He is an experienced, competent and insightful trainer. In addition, he has allowed me to tap into my inner potentials, and make me creative and resourceful. NLP can be applied to literally all walks of life. I am able to focus on the "desirable outcome" in many situations and observe with no prejudice and judgment. I didn't know that NLP can make me a better person - well, it certainly has!"


Susan Hui, Hong Kong



"Simon is full of energy, fun and very knowledgeable. His "keep it simple" philosophy and practice demonstrated the true applications of NLP new code anytime anywhere. By applying the tools learnt, I've achieved results in my professional and personal arena."


Nelson Lee, Singapore




"Simon is flexible and insightfully practical in his approaches, which kind of sum up the essence of NLP, and he walks and breathes NLP. He is patient with the pace of others and he is confident in what he undertakes. He strives for simplicity and practicality in his training and coaching. You can be assured of your investment with him; he keeps what he promises."


Barney Wee, NLP Trainer (Mind Transformations)




“For the 2nd year running  MICE Matters have engaged Simon Wong as a trainer for our company’s retreat.  He has once again excelled and exceeded our expectations"


MC Nonis, Director (MICE Matters)


"As an executive life coach, Simon has aided my work as a Chaplain by providing me the structural support of communication skills required for the building of team dynamic at work and the counseling of patients. A section of those skills taught me to focus not just on one’s weaknesses, but to work on the strength of each team member to build a stronger team dynamic. The interpersonal and verbal skills imparted has also taught me to be more result orientated, beginning with the end in mind. These skills were crucial in my pastoral work, helping to analyze the cause, symptoms and the desired effects of counseling."   

Jimi Tan, Chaplain


NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification

12-day Intensive


6-8 Oct 2017, 27-29 Oct 2017,

24-26 Nov 2017, 8-10 Dec 2017


NLP Practitioner Certification

Kuala Lumpur

15-22 Oct 2017





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