Team Development


You noticed conflicts and tension within the team. Somehow, you know that if they pull their weight and work together as a unit, the performance will be much better. Above all, the work environment will become more conducive and happier. You wish there is a sense of dynamic fun and enthusiasm. Life is easier this way. Unfortunately, most teams are not forged on the mountains of these ideals. "Sub-optimized" team is common. 

If you wish to improve your team performance, we can help. 

We approach team development by focusing on strengths and solutions. Based on the Solution Focused (SF) approach developed by Mark Mckergow's Albert Model, team members leverage on each other strengths towards a common project. Small steps lead to big change.

The SIMPLE model:

S - Solutions not problems

I - In-between the action is the interaction

M - Make use of what's there

P - Possibilities: past, present and future

L - Language: simply said

E - Every case is different

The Solution Focused (SF) tools called OSKAR:

O - Outcome

S - Scaling

K - Knowledge and skills

A - Affirmation

R - Review

The Solution Focused approach was originally developed by the late Steve De Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg in the early 70's for therapeutic work. The approach was refined for over 40 years now and has been adopted into organization development, team coaching and life coaching globally. 

The approach is simple and yet profoundly effective in getting people to move towards what's wanted.

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