Leadership Coaching


Every leader is a unique individual with different sets of knowledge, skills and personality. Above all, each leader lives in his or her unique leadership situation. The challenges and aspirations are therefore very personal. Our coach helps you to raise your game just like great sportsmen need a great coach to bring them to higher performance level.



Some key benefits of our coaching:



  • Access personal excellence
  • Self awareness pertaining to leadership styles
  • Communication “blind spots”
  • Clarity of personal and corporate goals
  • Alignment of personal values and corporate values
  • Change beliefs that are hindering pathway to success.
  • Developing new beliefs to empower and motivate self to achieve more
  • Developing “executive presence”


Each coaching program is driven largely by the executive agenda. It is a process of “co-creation” in the executive journey towards being highly effective in his role. NLP-Coach goes beyond the cognitive process. It engages the deeper intelligence of the executive that resides in behavioral patterns that are below the awareness of his conscious mind. In addition, the “Coaching-Modeling Loop” approach brings out the Personal Excellence of the executive.


NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification

12-day Intensive


6-8 Oct 2017, 27-29 Oct 2017,

24-26 Nov 2017, 8-10 Dec 2017


NLP Practitioner Certification

Kuala Lumpur

15-22 Oct 2017





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