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The magic of NLP lies in the artistic use of the models. Introducing change to behavior and state to enable high performance requires skills that go beyond engaging the conscious mind.


A highly effective NLPCOACH practitioner is in effect a skillful agent of change who assists the client to be more effective by using models and processes modeled from geniuses.


Some of these models include distinctive linguistic patterns used by highly effective therapist (Fritz Perl, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson).


These same linguistic patterns when used in coaching allow the coach to be very perceptive and precise in asking questions that will help the client to be aware of more choices and resources.


This is possible because these linguistic patterns provide the coach a way to understand how human being make meanings of events and create internal representations of his own reality.



The NLPCOACH coaching system is distinctive in the way that it integrates the powerful techniques of NLP and Solution Focused Coaching. The integration of these two methodologies results in a generative process of integrated techniques that enable the client to introduce change to behavior and state and access resources by engaging the conscious and unconscious mind.


There is a strong emphasis on engaging the unconscious mind simply because the unconscious mind is in control of most of the “habitual” performance patterns. Without the engaging and aligning the unconscious mind the performance of the client will at best be mediocre.




What is NLP?


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was co-created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It provides a framework on how people receive external inputs and process it to create an internal representation (linguistic representation), feelings and behavior. The practice of modeling offers a way to explicate patterns of geniuses and therefore avail it to those who would like to use it.


It consists of three parts namely: NLPModeling, NLPApplication, NLPTraining. NLPModeling is the process of mapping tacit knowledge into explicit model. It is this process that created NLP and provided the numerous distinctive models and patterns that are being used worldwide. The process of NLPModeling is unique in the sense that the modeler needs to get into a “know nothing state” in order to assimilate the performance of the genius. The subsequent replication of performance within an acceptable time and coding of the model are part of the mapping process.



NLPApplication on the other hand refers to the numerous models and patterns that were coded from modeling of excellence. It also includes subsequent design activities based on the earlier models to come up with new models that are useful and practical. It is these numerous models and patterns that enable practitioner to effect powerful and lasting change on the clients. The New Code NLP brings the game to a higher level in the sense that it allow the practitioner to apply on self and therefore be congruent as an agent of change.


NLPTraining refers to the transfer of NLP application skills and knowledge to participants with the aim to equip them to be an agent of change.


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